Indian Air Force Mi-17s Looking for Defensive Sensors
(Source: Forecast International; issued Jan 12, 2016)
CHANDIGARH, India --- The Indian Air Force plans to equip its Mi-17 helicopters with small arms fire detection systems (SAFDS), which will warn pilots of the range, angle, and direction of incoming hostile ground fire. Mi-17s have recently been used for surveillance during domestic terror attacks, and during anti-Maoist operations in support of para-military forces. Kazan Helicopters will retrofit the equipment, once a vendor is identified and selected.

The ideal SAFDS will be a light-weight strap-on version that can be deployed on different airframes, have day-night and all-weather operation capability, and function in all phases of flight. The Indian Armyy and Border Security Force are evaluating SAFDS for use along the Line of Control and hostile stretches of the International Border.


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