OSI Maritime Systems Signs Contract to Deliver TDNS Solution for Asian Navy New Build Submarine Program
(Source! OSI Maritime Systems: issued April 4, 2016)
BURNABY, BC --- OSI Maritime Systems announced the signing of a contract to provide its advanced Tactical Dived Navigation System (TDNS) to an Asian navy for a new build submarine program.

TDNS will be customized to meet specific customer requirements and closely integrated with the program’s Combat Management System.

OSI’s world leading tactical dived navigation solutions are deployed with the navies of the UK, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal and others.

OSI Maritime Systems has been providing advanced integrated navigation and tactical solutions to military customers for over 20 years. The company develops and delivers integrated bridge systems for warships, integrated dived navigation systems for submarines, and C2 systems for small craft. OSI currently has 20 naval customers from around the world with over 500 warships and submarines operating with its world leading integrated navigation and tactical solutions.


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