New Fighter Aircraft - Government Recommendation
(Source: Danish Ministry of Defence; issued May 12, 2016)
The three fighter aircraft candidates have been evaluated with regards to strategic, military, economic, and industrial aspects, all of which unequivocally point to the F-35 as the best choice for Denmark.

Number of planes:
▪▪27 F-35 fighter aircraft will enable the Danish defence forces to perform the same national and international tasks currently assigned to F-16 fighter aircraft.

▪▪The investment will be approximately DKK 20 billion.

▪▪As agreed upon by the parties to the Defence Agreement, the government recommends funding within the Defence Budget at its current level. This will be done primarily by using the currently available funding in the acquisition and logistics budget until 2026, as well as funds made available by already implemented budget measures. The Ministry of Defence will also need to be further optimised.

Type selection:
▪▪Based on thorough analysis the Danish government has decided to propose the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter as the fighter aircraft to replace the F-16.


JPO Statement on Denmark F-35 Selection
(Source: F-35 Joint Program Office; issued May 12, 2016)
We are honored Denmark is considering the F-35A to meet its national defense requirements.

We understand the selection process for the New Fighter Program is still ongoing and the Joint Program Office will continue to provide the Danish Government with the data needed to make an informed decision that is in their country's best interest.


Lockheed Martin Statement
(Source: Lockheed Martin; issued May 12, 2016)
Lockheed Martin is pleased that Denmark has reaffirmed its commitment to the F-35 program with the down select of the F-35 in this fair and open competition.

Denmark is a longtime partner of Lockheed Martin and we are proud of our strong record of supporting its national security requirements.

The F-35 Lightning II will help ensure Denmark’s national security, and also positions Danish industry to capture long-term work throughout the life of the program. We remain committed to assist the U.S. government and F-35 Joint Program Office to support Denmark’s future fighter and other aircraft requirements.

Additionally, we will continue to work with Danish Industry on F-35 production throughout the life of the program. The projected industrial opportunities with the F-35 will bring long term economic benefits to Denmark for decades to come.


Terma Welcomes the Next Phase In Denmark’s Acquisition of New Fighter Aircraft
(Source: Terma A/S; issued May 12, 2016)
LYSTRUP, Denmark --- Today, The Danish government published their recommendation that F-35 should replace Denmark’s aging F-16s. At the press conference the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence recommended that Denmark acquires 27 F-35A fighter aircraft.

“At Terma, we have long awaited the publication of the government’s recommendation about the replacement of Denmark’s F-16s. After seeing the released extract of the New Fighter Program’s report, I am confident that the basis for decision is comprehensive and has been thoroughly worked through. I am very pleased to see how unambiguous the governmental recommendation is. We will now await the result of the political debate and the final decision on which aircraft will be selected,” says Terma’s President & CEO Jens Maaløe and continues:

“Throughout the fighter replacement competition, we have had a constructive dialogue with all three contestants. We look very much forward to engage in a deeper collaboration with Lockheed Martin. Industrial cooperation in relation to the fighter acquisition will have an immense positive effect on the Danish defense industry for years to come in terms of transfer of technology, increased activity and creation of new jobs.”

Terma has entered into contracts and agreements with all three manufacturers and has prepared its organization and production lines to the demanding future assignments.


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