World’s Strongest Attack Helicopter, Apache Guardian, Is In Our Arms
(Source: Korean Ministry of Defence; issued June 7, 2016)
The first of 30 Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian attack helicopters is unloaded in a South Korean port. Deliveries are scheduled for completion by early 2017. (Korea MoD photo)
Our army is acquiring the Apache Guardian, AH-64E, which is considered to be the world's best attack helicopter.

On May 26, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced that it was going to deliver 4 Apache Guardians, which are large-sized attack helicopters, to the army on May 27 to greatly contribute to our army’s fighting power.

DAPA claimed that the army can now rapidly deal with local provocations all over the Korean Peninsula by introducing this large-sized attack helicopter as part of our long-term goals. The U.S. Army’s youngest model and the world’s strongest attack helicopter, the Apache Guardian, is capable of day-and-night and all-weather operations, and it is also able to destroy North Korea's armored and mechanized forces in times of emergency.

This is a project that will enhance our rapid reaction power in preparation for North Korea's armored power threats and local provocations. The model was selected in April 2013, and the first delivery was made at the Boeing factory located in Arizona in November of last year. As of early this year, all requisite ammunition, supportive equipment, repair parts, etc. has been transferred.

A total of 30 Apache Guardians are slated to be introduced and their final delivery will be complete by the beginning of next year. The army is planning to cultivate teams of pilots and maintenance crews. They will also feature early operational capabilities based on actual training exercises, which will include real-life firing drills, etc.


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