Minister of Defence Peter Hultqvist Signed US-Swedish Statement of Intent
(Source: Swedish Ministry of Defence; issued June 8, 2016)
On 8 June, Swedish Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist and US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter signed a bilateral Statement of Intent. The statement sets out a strategic resolve to increase understanding and cooperation between the two countries’ defence ministries, armed forces and defence agencies.

"The aim is to build on current cooperative activities and to identify and prioritise new initiatives. We intend to work together to develop our defence capabilities, enhance our interoperability and our ability to deploy alongside each other operationally, thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our defence efforts", says Peter Hultqvist.

The efforts to further strengthen bilateral cooperation between Sweden and the United States are divided into five key areas:

-- Enhancing interoperability
-- Strengthening capabilities and posture through training and exercises
-- Deepening armament cooperation
-- Advancing cooperation in research and development and
-- Meeting common challenges in multilateral operations.


Carter, Work Discuss Security Challenges with Swedish Defense Minister
(Source: U.S. Department of Defence; issued June 8, 2016)
WASHINGTON --- Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work today welcomed Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist to the Pentagon, where they discussed emerging security challenges and signed a statement of intent that cements the close relationship between the United States and Sweden and sets out a path for greater defense cooperation in the future, Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said.

In a statement, Cook said Carter emphasized the importance of this relationship, noting that today's statement of intent strengthens the bilateral relationship that adds to stability and unity in the Nordic region and sends a strong signal of deterrence to those who might seek to intimidate partners and allies in Europe.

Enhancing Defense Cooperation

Following the meeting with Carter, the press secretary said, Hultqvist met separately with Work and discussed enhancing defense cooperation, including increasing deterrence of provocative Russian behavior and accelerating the campaign to counter-the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. They also discussed the Third Offset Strategy and highlighted NATO partnership initiatives, Cook said.

“Work emphasized today's meeting was an important opportunity for bilateral cooperation in areas of shared concern,” Cook said, “as well as to exchange views on security challenges on Europe's northern, eastern and southern flanks.”


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