UAC to Finish Il-78M-90A Aerial Tanker Development In 2017
(Source: Tass Defense; published June 22, 2016)
MOSCOW --- Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is planning to finish the development of Il-78M-90A aerial tanker in 2017, according to the company’s official report.

"The contract for the delivery of Il-78M-90A aerial tankers (to Russia’s Ministry of Defense, MoD) has yet to be signed. The design works implementation term has been shifted to 2017 due to reduction of funds, the delay of several systems’ development and the protraction of imported components substitution program.

“Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov has developed and signed the directive plan/schedule to implement the Kuznetsk-2 (Il-78M-90A) program", the authors of the report pointed out.

Il-78M-90A will replace Il-78M (NATO reporting name: Midas) aerial tankers.


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