Apache Helicopter Deal - Boeing Says It Will Create Jobs (excerpt)
(Source: Western Gazette; published June 21, 2016)
By Ollie Hulme
YEOVIL, Somerset --- US aircraft manufacturer Boeing says that if it takes over a £2bn Apache helicopter project it will create jobs in the UK.

Boeing is in line to seize control of Apache helicopter production from Yeovil-based Leonardo-Finmeccanica, formerly AgustaWestland, in a deal due to be announced in July at the Farnborough Air Show.

A Boeing spokesman said: "Any future UK contracts would be supported here in the UK with a significant, positive impact on the British economy and employment. Boeing has doubled its UK workforce and spending with the UK supply chain in the last five years to more than 2,000 employees and almost £2 billion a year respectively, supporting 12,700 jobs in the tier one supply chain in the UK. This growth continues in 2016 and beyond."

Boeing has several sites in the UK, and works with the Apache operation at Yeovil already.

Boeing's UK Rotorcraft Support team in Yeovil and East Anglia, with the Apache worldwide support organisation in Mesa, Arizona, provides Technical Support and Logistics Services for the UK's fleet of Apaches.

Boeing also runs the Aviation Training International operation at Yeovil and has a software company called Miro Technologies based in Bristol.

The Apache was originally a Boeing design, and was built under licence in Yeovil for the British Army from 1999-2004.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has been challenged on defence spending plans which unions claim could cost 600 Yeovil jobs. (end of excerpt)

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