Israel Military Industries Wins US Assault Bridges Deal
(Source: Globes online; posted June 22, 2016)
While the public is preoccupied with the privatization of Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI Systems), the company is continuing to consolidate its business in the US market, reporting a series of deals and contracts with the US army and other defense agencies in recent weeks.

IMI today announced that together with US company DRS, it had won a $400 million multi-year contract to manufacture and supply hundreds of assault bridge delivery systems with launcher mechanisms to be mounted on Abrams tanks used by the US army. IMI says that the deal includes an extension option for the supply of hundreds more assault bridge systems and launcher mechanisms.

The launching system for the bridges enables Abrams tank teams to deploy assault bridges rapidly, while overcoming artificial and natural obstacles on the battlefield under fire. IMI and DRS jointly designed the launcher. The US army decision was taken after the bridges launch system was tested for three years under various battlefield conditions.

IMI recently reported that it would sell Iron Fist active defense systems to the US army for installing on tanks and armored personnel carriers in a deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars, decoy flares for aircraft, and precision mortar shells. It was reported yesterday that the company had contracted with three key US distributors for the sale of premium ammunition for sportsmen, drills on firing ranges, and hunters.


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