First Mistral Warship Arrived In Alexandria
(Source: Daily News Egypt; published June 23, 2016)
By Ahmed Abbas
The Mistral-class Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) warship Gamal Abdel Nasser, which Egypt purchased from France, arrived Thursday in Alexandria after a 14-days journey, reported Egyptian state TV.

Egypt received two Mistral warships earlier this month from France in a ceremony attended by Egyptian Defense Minister Sedki Sobhi.

The Egyptian Navy commander Osama Rabea will attend a receiving ceremony for the warship, which participated in the French-Egyptian military training exercise Cleopatra.

It is the first warship of its kind to have a port in the Middle East and Africa.

The second Mistral warship, Anwar Sadat, will arrive in September after its crew is trained.

This came a few months after Egypt had announced a €5.2bn agreement to buy 24 French Rafale fighter jets in February 2015.


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