Stepan Poltorak: It’s Impossible to Reform Armed Forces of Ukraine Without Reforms of Defence Industry
(Source: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine; issued Oct 11, 2016)
Minister of Defence of Ukraine General of the Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak attended an opening ceremony of Arms and Security exposition.

“I reiterate that it is impossible to reform the Armed Forces of Ukraine without reforms of the defence industry,” the minister said at a media briefing, “We need to move from the development phase to the final phase when the army will receive exhibited arms. The exhibited articles are rather sophisticated but they need some improvements,” Gen. Poltorak stressed. “We’re particularly interested in artillery equipment, communications means and armour vehicles, WIA evacuation vehicles.”

According to Stepan Poltorak, there are considerable changes in modernization of aviation equipment and air defence systems, modernization of armour vehicles compared to last year.

“If we compare BTR-4 manufactured in 2014 and BTR-4 manufactured in 2016, we’ll see two different vehicles,” the minister remarked, “There were considered all comments and recommendations during tests in the east of Ukraine.”


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