Chinese Air Force Aims At Comprehensive Strategic Transformation
(Source: China Military; issued Nov 11, 2016)
BEIJING --- After 67 years of construction and development, the Chinese Air Force has become a modern strategic service with multi-arms and a variety of aircraft, and plays an important role in safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests, said senior Colonel Shen Jinke, spokesperson for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) on Thursday, one day before the founding anniversary of the PLAAF, which falls on November 11.

At present, the PLAAF with 400,000 troops is engaged in promoting strategic transformation, Shen said.

Since late 2012, in line with the strategic objective of enhancing offensive and defensive capabilities for air and space operations, PLAAF has made great efforts to boost its capabilities for strategic early warning, air strike, air and missile defense, information countermeasures, airborne operations, strategic projection and comprehensive support, said Shen.

Targeting elevation of training effectiveness, the PLAAF has conducted high-sea training by flying over the island chain, set up the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone, organized combat patrol in the South China Sea and held exercises in plateau areas, and at the same time, accelerated the systematic development of high-tech weapons to push forward the strategic transformation of the air force, Shen said.

Shen said that at present, PLAAF is building an air-space defense force system adaptable to a digitized battlefield. A strong air force is a symbol of national strength in the era of air and space, the new situation requires the PLAAF to reach out to protect national interests as well as fulfill its missions.

While building its own muscle, the PLAAF has also carried out extensive cooperation with the world's air forces in the areas of joint exercises and training, flight safety and equipment technology, Shen said, adding that such cooperation is conducive to enhancing mutual trust, deepening friendship, and expanding PLAAF's "circle of friends".

The PLAAF will adhere to a common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security perspective and carry out cooperation with foreign air forces in a more open, pragmatic and cooperative attitude to further expand consensus and jointly undertake international responsibility, Shen said.

Shen stressed that during this strategic transformation, the PLAAF will, as always, strengthen close-to-real battle military training with the aim of winning wars, constantly boost its capabilities of safeguarding national sovereignty and security and protect China's peaceful development.


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