Ultra Electronics, TCS, Receives Order from Major System Integrator
(Source: Forecast International; issued Nov 15, 2016)
MONTREAL --- Ultra Electronics, TCS has received a substantial order to supply Ultra ORION X500 radios, through a strategic collaboration with a major system integrator, for a large Middle-Eastern military program.

According to the company, the ORION radio system is a multi-mission software-defined platform that, in its most complete form, combines secure military point-to-point, point-multipoint and mesh radios as well as Wi-Fi device access capability to establish wide area high-capacity networks. The system supports comprehensive video, imaging, voice and data high capacity long range transmission between all military assets.

"The Ultra ORION is one of the most versatile and advanced radio systems available. Its multiple radio channels, small Swap and library of waveforms allow it to adapt to any mission and environment" said Iwan Jemczyk, President, Ultra Electronics TCS. "We are proud to work with large integrators to provide the ORION systems to nations around the globe."


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