UVZ and Russian Ministry of Defense Cooperation Taken to a Whole New Level
(Source: Uralvagonzavod; issued Nov 18, posted Nov 23, 2016)
'Uralvagonzavod’ JSC Research and Production Company has signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Directorate for Research and Technological Support for Advanced Innovative Technologies of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The document has been signed by Oleg Siyenko, General Director at UVZ and Aleksandr Mironov, the Head of the Directorate.

The subject of the Agreement is the establishment and development of cooperation in science and technology. This win-win cooperation will include research data exchange, implementation of joint research projects, as well as pilot studies.

The focus areas of such cooperation are raising awareness of scientific research, provision of full and comprehensive advisory, and methodological support for the innovative projects accompanied. The Agreement also stipulates such a form of cooperation as holding joint R&D conferences, workshops, round tables, and other joint events.

Within the framework of its support for innovations, the Directorate has organized monitoring of promising studies and developments, support of research projects and their implementation, capacity analysis for the leading enterprises in the military industry, as well as their scientific and technical capabilities so as to draft proposals on how to use the existing developments to create promising models of weaponry, military, and special equipment.


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