Ukrainian Premiere of the Year: Legendary Antonov AN-132D
(Source: UkrOboronProm; issued December 20, 2016)
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko unveils Antonov’s latest aircraft, the An-132D twin turboprop transport jointly developed with Saudi Arabia. It is the first Antonov aircraft developed with no Russian components. (UOP photo)
UkrOboronProm SE Antonov, that is now the leading enterprise of aviation cluster, demonstrated a new light multipurpose aircraft AN-132D.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Saudi Prince Turki bin Saud bin Mohammed Al Saud – who traditionally cut the ribbon before An-132D left the shop – attended the demonstration of the new aircraft.

“We are confident that this aircraft has a great future. We are confident that it will have 260-290 aircraft by 2035. And I thank all aircraft manufacturers and all our partners for this celebration and for this victory,” said Petro Poroshenko during his speech.

The head of the State Concern Roman Romanov noted that Ukrainian aircraft manufacturers in short-term created An-132D.

“An-132D was created in a very short time. The decision to implement this project was made in May 2015 when the agreement was concluded with Taqnia Aeronautics, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Today the aircraft is ready for testing and will perform its first flight in spring 2017,” said Roman Romanov.

Broad strategic cooperation with Western partners is of great importance in this project, added UOP Director General. Leading companies are involved in An-132D development, including Pratt & Whitney Canada, which will supply engines, and Honeywell, that will provide “glass” cockpit and other on-board electronic systems.


Ukroboronprom Clusters Will Expand AN-132 Import Substitution Example
(Source: UkrOboronProm; issued December 21, 2016)
The example of import substitution in the production of modern aircraft An-132 – developed by SE Antonov – will be expanded in the framework of all UkrOboronProm (UOP) clusters. This was stated by Director General of the SC UkrOboronProm Roman Romanov.
“We received completely new aircraft. However, An-132D is just the tip of the iceberg. Import substitution process is a long and difficult procedure. We’re making changes to the production process, to all design documentation. It’s not as easy as it sounds, “- said the head of the State Concern Roman Romanov.

According to him, production and logistic algorithms – used by the State Concern when working on An-132 – will be applied in other clusters.

UOP SE Antonov demonstrated a new light multipurpose aircraft AN-132D. The aircraft was designed in a very short period – 1.5 years. Leading companies are involved in An-132D development, including Pratt & Whitney Canada and Honeywell. This is the first Antonov aircraft, manufactured without Russian components.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko sits in the An-132D cockpit with the Chairman of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, which contributed to the aircraft’s development. (UOP photo)

UkrOboronProm represented reform strategy of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. The reform covers clear sequential steps: corporatization, audit, clusterization, technology protection and launching innovation platform.

Corporatization of UOP enterprises will allow creating a transparent management structure, Supervisory Board, establish common rules including those for international investors.

Reform Strategy provides for a transparent audit, which allow investors to objectively evaluate the opportunities and prospects for cooperation with the military-industrial complex of Ukraine.

Reform Strategy also provides for a transparent audit, allowing investors to objectively evaluate the opportunities and prospects for cooperation with the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. This platform will unite manufacturers, startups, investments and the military.

As part of the strategy, UOP will create five clusters, with the possibility of involving private companies, namely: aviation, armored vehicles, shipbuilding, high-precision weapons, radar and communications. According to this scheme the first aviation cluster – Ukrainian Aircraft Corporation – was created on the basis of the legendary “Antonov”.

Antonov’s AN-132D Transport Aircraft Makes Its Debut with Propeller Systems from Dowty Propellers
(Source: Dowty Propellers; issued Dec 21, 2016)
KIEV, Ukraine --- This week’s rollout of the Antonov AN-132 twin-engine transport marks the latest application for Dowty Propellers’ proven R408 propeller system, which already is in widespread service around the globe.

Dowty Propellers provided two of the R408 propeller systems and a spare for the AN-132D demonstrator aircraft – which was presented to an international audience at Antonov’s headquarters facility in Kiev.

“We have been continually impressed by Antonov’s professionalism and commitment in developing the AN-132D, and the company can count on our full support for the upcoming test and demonstration flights of this aircraft,” said Oliver Towers, the President of Dowty Propellers.

The R408 propeller system has six all-composite blades with advanced swept design and optimized ARA-D/A airfoil sections, providing excellent climb and cruise performance while generating low noise levels.

The AN-132D demonstrator is being developed by Antonov with participation from Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST). It is equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150A turboprop engines, which have logged millions of flight hours powering the Dowty Propellers’ R408 propeller systems.

Dowty Propellers assisted in the R408 propeller system’s integration and commissioning on the AN-132D, and has provided training for personnel from both Antonov and KACST. Technical support from Dowty Propellers will continue for the AN-132’s flight test phase, as well as the multi-purpose aircraft’s demonstration flights.

As a leader in the development, manufacture and support of electronically controlled, all-composite propeller systems, Dowty Propellers provides solutions for the propulsion needs of today and tomorrow. Its products are used in applications that range from commercial airliners and military airlifters to multi-role seaplanes and marine hovercraft.


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