The Indispensable Ally? US, NATO and UK Defence Relations Inquiry Launched
(Source: UK Parliament Defence Committee; issued Jan 25, 2017)
The ‘special relationship’ and NATO are the cornerstones of UK defence. The new administrations in the UK and US face a number of complex international challenges, ranging from a resurgent Russia to the threat of international terrorism, raising questions about NATO’s strategic focus and capabilities. This inquiry will explore how the administrations can build upon the ‘special relationship’ to address these challenges.

Submit written evidence

The Committee seeks written submissions addressing the following issues:

-- What US, UK and other NATO member state military and security resources are currently available for the defence of Europe?
-- To what extent could the UK and continental Europe deter an aggressive Russia, or defend themselves from a nuclear threat or conventional attack by Russia, without US participation in NATO?
-- To what is the US currently committed in terms of NATO military modernisation? What will be the impact if some of those programmes cease to be funded?
-- Does NATO devote sufficient attention to the threat from international terrorism?
-- What will be the effect of the Trump Presidency on the further development of a European defence identity and on the level of investment in defence by European NATO member states?
-- What will be the effect of Brexit on plans by continental NATO states for a European Army, and what effect might that have upon NATO and upon UK national security?
-- With the new administration in Washington, is there potential for strengthening the ‘Special Relationship’?
-- Is UK-US military co-operation primarily an accident of history and would security be strengthened by a more formal arrangement?
-- What form does the US-UK partnership currently take in the military arena?
-- What does the UK offer the US that is not available elsewhere and vice-versa?
-- What are the implications of the new Administration’s policies for UK major equipment programmes and the UK nuclear deterrent?
-- What more should the UK be doing in the European and NATO space in order to support the NATO mission?


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