PHAROS Fire Control Radar In Development In India
(Source: Thales; issued Feb 13, 2017)
Thales and BTSL (BEL-Thales Systems Limited) are on track for the development of PHAROS fire control radar.

In March 2016, Thales and BSTL signed a strategic co-operation contract to jointly develop PHAROS, a fire control radar for both gun and missile systems.

We have progressed well on the development work. The Preliminary Design Review (PDR) for one of the work packages for PHAROS has been successfully passed. The design and development for other work packages is also on track. Moreover, a dedicated engineering factory has been established between BTSL and Thales. This factory provides high speed secure data communication for data transfer.

This joint development is strengthening the co-operation of Thales and BTSL in the field of innovative technologies and is in line with the ‘Make in India’ vision of the Government of India. The jointly developed PHAROS system will cater to both domestic Indian and international market requirements.

The responsibility of overall system design is managed by Thales. BTSL will develop the mechanical design and radar processing modifications while Thales will be responsible for the design and production of the radar antenna.

PHAROS will be a great asset and will significantly add to the fire control capabilities of the Indian armed forces and also customers worldwide.

PHAROS is a tracking radar for gun and missile control. Its electronic beam steering capability enables multiple-target tracking and integrated guided ammunition control. PHAROS controls any medium calibre type gun, ranging from 30mm to 76mm for naval and ground-based applications.

PHAROS provides defence against small, fast moving and highly manoeuvrable air and surface targets that may also be encountered in littoral missions. The multiple target tracker is capable of simultaneously controlling — in all weather conditions — the engagement of these targets with guided ammunition.


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