Indonesia Signs Letter of Intent for Airbus A400M Transports
(Source: compiled by; posted March 30, 2017)
PARIS --- Indonesia on March 29 signed a Letter of Intent to buy four Airbus A400M transport aircraft, part of a number of similar agreements signed during the state visit of French President François Hollande.

The Letter of Intent was signed between Pierre Jaffre, Airbus President for Asia-Pacific, and Dani Adriananta, President Director of Indonesia’s state-owned PT Pelita Air, which represents a consortium of companies involved in the aviation industry. According to a March 30 statement issued by the French president’s office, states Indonesia’s intent and will to buy A400M transport aircraft, and sets out how technical, commercial and industrial negotiations will be organized.

This is of significance because Indonesia would like to assemble most of the four-to six aircraft it is interested in its own facilities, probably at PT Nurtanio in Western Java. Future discussions will address, among other things, the number of aircraft to be encompassed in an eventual contract, and possible industrial cooperation arrangements, Airbus said.

Airbus Head of Military Aircraft Fernando Alonso said: “We believe that the A400M will be an outstanding asset to support Indonesia´s vision of creating an air bridge to help redistribute wealth and resources across the archipelago as well as providing the basis for the expansion of our long-standing industrial cooperation.

“The A400M’s advanced design and exceptional performance make it extremely well qualified to play a key role in creating a safe and robust air transport network for Indonesia. And, in the future, it could also be the basis for the transformation of the Indonesian Air Force’s air mobility operation.”

Two other defense agreements were signed by the two countries: one, by the two countries’ defense ministers, is a bilateral Letter of Intent on defense cooperation, while the other is an MoU signed by DCNS chief executive Hervé Guillou and Firmansyah Arifin, Director of PT PAL, extends a previous agreement on industrial cooperation on Indonesia’s acquisition of submarines.


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