Latvia to Buy Stinger Air-Defence Systems
(Source: Latvia Ministry of Defence; issued Aug 22, 2017)
Latvian Ministry of Defence and Danish Ministry of Defence have signed an agreement for purchase of air defence systems, currently held by Danish Armed Forces, by the Latvian side.

“I am extremely proud and pleased about the acquisition of Stinger air-defence systems, as these missiles will significantly boost our military capability. Moreover, air defence is currently one of our top priorities. In so doing, we are significantly upgrading our strength. Every unit, which will receive these systems, including National Guard, will significantly benefit from this purchase,” underlined Defence Minister Raimonds Bergmanis.

According to the deal for acquisition of Stinger air-defence systems, Latvia will receive missiles together with launch systems. The planned deal is expected to be completed in the first half of 2018 when systems will arrive in Latvia.

In terms of production volumes, Stinger air-defence system is the most popular of its kind. Having excellent combat track record and considered to be one of the most efficient man-portable air-defence systems, it is used by many of Latvia’s allies, such as the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway and Lithuania.

Along with purchase of the Stinger air-defence systems, Latvia is also working on acquisition of the necessary, support, maintenance and training equipment. Armed forces of NATO countries and other allies are helping Latvia with experience and personnel training required to operate the systems.


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