Combat Aircraft Land in Norway on Thursday
(Source: Norway Ministry of Defence; issued Oct 30, 2017)
(Issued in Norwegian; unofficial translation by
Today, the Kampfly (combat aircraft) program in the Ministry of Defense confirmed that the first three F-35s are planned to land in Norway this week.

At an information meeting in Oslo on 30 October, the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces explained the plans in connection with the F-35 fighter aircraft coming to Norway. The aircraft are flown by US pilots under the auspices of the "Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)", which has its own agreement with the US Air Force (USAF) for deliveries. Our first seven airplanes were delivered to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, and are now being used for ongoing training. It is planned that three flights will arrive on Thursday. Then we will get six aircraft every year until 2024.

The aircraft will land on November 2

Program Director of the Kampfly Program in the Ministry of Defense, Major General Morten Klever, announced the arrival of the F-35 in Norway and the scheduled date for their landing.

“All three aircraft rolled out of the factory and were handed over to US authorities on Friday, October 20, just over a week ago and 10 days before the contract date. The aircraft are now undergoing the latest preparations for flight to Norway. I can confirm today that they are planning to land on Ørland on November 2 at around. 14:00 hours,” says Klever.

The plan may be adjusted in depending on the date, weather, unforeseen circumstances and available support. For example, it cannot be ruled out that the aircraft must land at alternate airfields before they fly in. Among other things, there are varying weather in Norway at this time of year. It is a limiting factor that must be taken into account.

"If we receive information on the way of the flight that changes at the time, we will inform you immediately through our information channels," Klever says.

He plans to accept the aircraft on Ørland on November 2 together with Wing Commander Hans Ole Sandnes and will be available for interview.

Reception ceremony on 10 November

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force (LST), Brigadier Aage Longva, presented a tentative program for the reception ceremony on Friday 10 November at Ørland air base.

On November 10th, the official mark of F-35 arrives in Norway. The ceremony will take place in a military area, just outside a hangar that houses the AWACS aircraft.


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