Strategic Missile Forces Engineering Subunits to Receive About 70 Modern Concealment and Remote Mine Clearing Vehicles by 2020
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 08, 2018)
The Strategic Missile Forces are being supplied with advanced means of engineering armaments for improving manoeuvrability and survivability of mobile-based combat missile systems, including the engineering support & concealment vehicle and remote mine clearing vehicles.

The SMF formations will receive about 20 Listva remote mine clearing vehicles, and about 50 engineering support & concealment vehicles by 2020.

The Listva electronic devices can detect mines and land mines at distances of up to 100 metres in the sector of 30 degrees. The vehicle was created specifically for the Strategic Missile Forces. It is used to support the columns of mobile missile systems.

Along with this, by 2020, more than 300 pieces of engineering equipment are planned to be delivered to the SMF engineering divisions. Among them there are obstacle removal vehicles, heavy mechanised bridges, excavators, truck cranes and other engineering armaments. More than 50% of the supplied engineering equipment is to be wheeled road vehicles developed specifically for the Strategic Missile Forces this year.


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