Pentagon Warns CEOs: Protect Your Data or Lose Our Contracts (excerpt)
(Source: Defense One; posted Feb 6, 2018)
By Marcus Weisgerber
SAN DIEGO --- The Pentagon is warning defense-industry CEOs to better protect their computer networks or risk losing business.

“The culture we need to get to is that we’re going to defend ourselves and that … we want the bar to be so high that it becomes a condition of doing business,” Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said Tuesday at an industry conference here sponsored by the AFCEA and the U.S. Naval Institute.

Shanahan noted that CEOs would likely be hesitant to “sign a cyber disclosure statement that says everybody you do business with is secure.”

“In areas of safety, protecting your workers, in terms of protecting our data or protecting their information, there should be this standard,” he said after the speech. (end of excerpt)

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