European Multi-Mission Frigate Carlo Margottini Leaves for Campaign in Middle East
(Source: Italian Navy; issued Feb 22, 2018)
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The Italian Navy’s third FREMM frigate, Carlo Margottini, has sailed on a two-month tour of the Middle East to support Italian exhibitors at defense shows in Qatar and the UAE before taking command of the EU’s Operation Atalanta in April (IT Navy photo)
On Tuesday, February 20, the European Multi Mission Frigate (FREMM) Carlo Margottini set sail from the port of La Spezia for a campaign that will involve her in the Indian Ocean, in the Arabian Sea and in the adjacent Gulf, to take part in the European Atalanta anti-piracy Operation.

During the campaign, Margottini will stop in Karachi (Pakistan), will participate in the Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition & Conference (DIMDEX 18) in Qatar and will also visit the ports of Kuwait City (Kuwait), Damman (Saudi Arabia) and the United Arab Emirates United before arriving in Djibouti in April to take command of Operation Atalanta.

In addition to ensuring a presence and surveillance for the protection of maritime traffic lines of national interest, deployment of Margottini is part of the activities that the Italian Navy carries with allied and friendly nations as part of multinational cooperation and dialogue. At the same time, this activity guarantees a qualified presence in foreign countries with which Italy has important political-diplomatic, economic and military cooperation relations.

This campaign is also an important opportunity to promote the "Sistema Italia" in an integrated way, supporting and supporting the activities of the major representatives of national industry.

This is the framework for the ship’s participation in DIMDEX 2018, a major event in the field of technologies and industrial capabilities for naval defense. This is an event that has reached its 6th edition in its 10 years of life. Alongside purely commercial activities, DIMDEX is also an opportunity to establish and consolidate contacts with the navies that face the same threats, risks and challenges every day: illegal trafficking, piracy, illegal exploitation of marine resources.

The Middle-Eastern deployment of Margottini will be completed with her participation in Operation Atalanta which, since a 2008 decision of the European Council, carries out activities to combat maritime piracy in the Horn of Africa region where, even today, it continues to represent a threat to the freedom of navigation of merchant traffic and, in particular, to the transport of humanitarian aid from the World Food Program.

The frigate Carlo Margottini is commanded by Commander Giuseppe Lai, and is a ship of the Italian-French FREMM (European Multi Mission Mission) program. She was launched on 29 June 2013 at the Riva Trigoso shipyard (GE), delivered to the Navy on 27 February 2014 and received her combat ensign on 22 April 2016 in Reggio Calabria.

Carrying the hull number F 592 according to the NATO classification, she is a new-generation frigate capable of being employed in various operating contexts. Margottini is the third Italian FREMM, and the second of the ASW version. With a crew of 168 men and women -- almost half as many as frigates of other classes – Margottini has a displacement of 6700 tons and reaches a speed of 27 knots.

Nave Margottini took part:
-- in 2014, at the Mare Nostrum Operation;
-- in February 2015, the Smart Hunt anti-submarine exercise with the German Navy;
-- in June 2016 to the activity with the United States Navy for the promotion of the Green Fleet;
-- in May 2017 at the Open Sea 2017 exercise.

Lastly, the ship participated in four missions within the Safe Sea Operation, carrying out maritime presence, surveillance and security tasks and will remain engaged in the Gulf of Aden until next August 2018.


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