Defence Industrial Capability Plan
(Source: Australian Minister for Defence Industry; issued April 23, 2018)
The first ever Defence Industrial Capability Plan has been released, outlining Australia’s long-term vision and objectives for Australia’s defence industry, and how the Government and Defence will partner with industry to achieve that vision.

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today launched the Plan in a speech to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. The Plan acknowledges the importance of a stronger, more resilient and internationally competitive defence industry.

“The Plan addresses Australian defence and defence industry sovereignty and outlines the initial Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities,” Minister Pyne said.

“The Government is already investing $200 billion in Defence capability over the next decade through the Integrated Investment Program.

“Importantly, the Plan makes clear that to be considered an Australian Defence company having an ABN and a shopfront is no longer enough – we want to see Australian leadership, an Australian board, and an Australian workforce value-adding right here at home”

“This Plan highlights a range of opportunities for Australia’s defence industry over the next decade and reinforces the sustained partnership we need to position our defence industry to meet our defence capability needs.”

The Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities are industrial capabilities critical to achieving the Australian Defence Force’s operational mission and to the development of our future force over the next few years.

The initial Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities are:
-- Collins Class Submarine maintenance and technology upgrade
-- Continuous Shipbuilding Program (including rolling submarine acquisition)
-- Land Combat Vehicle and technology upgrade
-- Enhanced Active and Passive Phased Array Radar Capability
-- combat clothing survivability and signature reduction technologies
-- advanced signal processing capability in Electronic Warfare, Cyber and Information Security, and Signature Management technologies and operations
-- surveillance and intelligence data collection, analysis, dissemination and complex systems integration
-- test, evaluation, certification and systems assurance
-- munitions and small arms research, design, development and manufacture
-- aerospace platform deep maintenance.

“The Priorities will be strategically managed across defence planning and decision-making processes from strategic guidance to force design, the Capability Life Cycle, including the Australian Industry Capability Program, and industry and innovation programs,” Minister Pyne said.

“A dedicated Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority grants program with funding of up to $17 million per year will commence in the second half of 2018.”

Implementation of the Plan will be supported by Australian industrial strategies for each of the six Integrated Investment Program capability streams and Implementation Plans for each Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority from mid-2019.

The Plan also highlights the range of existing and new defence industry and innovation programs that will be used as a system to build the capability of our defence industry, providing a valuable information source for companies seeking to support Australia’s defence capability.

“This first Defence Industrial Capability Plan demonstrates the Government’s commitment to our defence industry and the nation’s long-term defence and national security,” Minister Pyne said.

“I encourage companies across Australia to read the Plan and to make use of the support available to succeed in meeting Australia defence needs and to grow our defence exports.”

Click here for the Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities fact sheet (4 PDF pages) on the Australian DoD website.


Defence Industrial Capability Plan
(Source: Australian Department of Defence; issued April 23, 2018)
The 2018 Defence Industrial Capability Plan (the Plan) released on 23 April outlines the Government’s long-term vision to build and develop a robust, resilient and internationally competitive Australian defence industry base that is better able to help meet defence capability requirements.

The Defence Industrial Capability Plan sets out a comprehensive plan for Australia’s defence industry. The Government is investing in our defence industry and ensuring that it is positioned to support delivery of the Integrated Investment Program over the next decade.

The Plan includes the Sovereign Industrial Capability Assessment Framework and introduces the initial Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities.

The Plan acknowledges that as Australia builds its defence capability, we must also grow our defence industrial capability. By 2028, Australia will require a larger, more capable and prepared Australian defence industry that has the resident skills, expertise, technology, intellectual property and infrastructure to:

-- enable the conduct of ADF operations today;
-- support the acquisition, operation and sustainment of future defence capability; and provide the national support base for Defence to meet current needs and to surge if Australia’s strategic circumstances require it.

The Defence Industry Policy Statement released with the 2016 Defence White Paper acknowledges the fundamental contribution that Australian industry provides to defence capability. The Defence Industrial Capability Plan recognises the strategic importance of Defence and defence industry sovereignty to Australia's defence and national security.

The Government’s defence strategy is supported by increased defence funding, which will grow to two per cent of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product by 2020-21, enabling more than $200 billion of new investment in our defence capabilities over the next decade.

The Defence White Paper is a key part of the Government’s commitment to a safe and secure Australia. The Australian people can have confidence that this Government will ensure we can defend our nation and protect our interests today and into the future.

The Government is committed to ensuring Australian industry is positioned to meet Defence’s future requirements and to maximise economic growth and high-tech jobs in the sector. The Government will continue to maximise Australian industry involvement in our defence capability planning, acquisition and sustainment, building the sovereign defence industrial base we need to achieve our strategy and capability goals.

The Defence Industrial Capability Plan is a key part of the Government’s commitment to achieve an Australian defence industry that has the capability, posture and resilience to help meet Australia’s defence needs over the decade to 2028.

The Plan brings together all of the levers available to defence industry, from advice to financial support, to realise the Government’s vision. The Plan allocates up to $17 million in annual funding from 2018-19 to support Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority grants. The grants will be delivered by the Centre for Defence Industry Capability.

Click here for the DICP 2018 (160 PDF pages), on the Australian DoD website.

Click here for the DICP 2018 fact sheet (2 PDF pages) on the Australian DoD website.


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