Joint Strike Missile Has Proven Advanced Skills and Passed All Qualification Tests
(Source: Norwegian Ministry of Defence; issued June 15, 2018)
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Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace Group Manager Geir Håøy hosted last week's visit by Vice Admiral Matt Winter, head of the F-35 Joint Program Office (C), and Norwegian Program Director Gen. Morten Klever (R), from the Ministry of Defense. (Norway MoD photo)
An important milestone has now been passed as our Joint Strike Missile (JSM) last completed the final planned qualification tests (see link to video of the test at the bottom of this page). The development of JSM has now entered its final phase and is scheduled to be completed in the autumn of 2018.

"This is very good news for the Armed Forces and Norwegian industry. Now only remains the integration of the Norwegian JSM missile onto the F-35, the so-called Block-4 update,” says Program Director Klever in the Ministry of Defense. This is planned so that JSM will be integrated and ready for Norwegian F-35 when the system is fully operational.

"JSM is the world's only fifth-generation missile with advanced capabilities that meet both Norwegian and other nations' operational needs, now and into the future. The latest test firing in March this year was successful, and development is on schedule for completion by the end of the year,” says Geir Håøy, CEO of Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace.

“The JSM program and deliveries to the F-35 entail significant value creation and technology development for Kongsberg and our national and international subcontractors and partners. Norway has a leading international position within long-range precision weapons and has continued and strengthened its already close cooperation with US industry through this program," says Håøy.

Technical integration of JSM in combat plane F-35

The development of JSM is in its final phase and is scheduled to be finalized with Final Design Review (FDR) during June. The integration of JSM into the aircraft is important for Norway to be fully operational with F-35 in 2025. JSM will ensure that Norwegian F-35 has a real ability to deliver fire to all types of well-defended land and sea targets (military surface vessels).

As part of the development of the missile, a so-called Legacy Flight Test Program has been completed, where a number of missiles were dropped to qualify the missile itself in preparation for F-35 integration. The missiles have been released from the American F-16 aircraft at the Utah Test & Training Range as part of an ongoing test program in the period 2015 to 2018.

The last tests so far were carried out in March this year, where both the searcher, combat hunt and ignition chain were installed in missile. The test was conducted against a country target with successful results.

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The final test firing of the JSM this year was conducted against a land target, with clearly successful results. (FFI photo)

After completion, the Defense Ministry will acquire a number of test missiles to be used during the integration of F-35 in the so-called Block-4 update. The integration of JSM is implemented by the multinational program office (JPO) in cooperation with prime contractor Lockheed Martin.

Several other nations that acquire F-35 have similar operational needs as Norway and have shown a significant interest in JSM.

Close industrial cooperation between Norway and the United States

The Government attaches great importance to maintaining and further developing cooperation between Norwegian and American industry related to the acquisition of new combat aircraft. The goal of industrial cooperation is to ensure, over time, national value creation of the same order of magnitude as the cost of the aircraft.

Norway's participation in the development phase has given Norwegian industry the opportunity to compete for aircraft and engine sub-production contracts, and so far been awarded contracts worth around NOK 4.1 billion. There is considerable potential for entering into new contracts with US suppliers as production increases.

The Ministry of Defense attaches great importance to the integration of both Joint Strike Missile (JSM) and APEX (25 mm cannon munitions) into F-35 to meet our operational needs, while opening up opportunities for Norwegian industry in the export market.


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