Collaboration Agreement with HISDESAT to Renew SPAINSAT and XTAR-Eur Satellites
(Source: Spanish Council of Ministers; issued July 27, 2018)
(Issued in Spanish; unofficial translation by
The Council of Ministers on July 27 approved the commitment of expenses charged to future years, which will allow the Ministry of Defense the processing of a collaboration agreement with the operator of governmental satellite communications HISDESAT, to renew the communications capabilities of the SPAINSAT and XTAR-EUR satellites, which will replace the previous agreement of July 31, 2001.

The Ministry of Defense, through this agreement, will commit to the payment of an annual fee to HISDESAT for the right to use these satellites from their entry into orbit. The amount is estimated at 77 million euros per year plus VAT, or 93.17 million euros, for 15 years, which represents a total of 1,397.55 million euros, to be paid from 2023 and 2037.

This new agreement will regulate the terms of the collaboration that allows the Ministry of Defense to have two new generation satellites, interoperable with the systems of our allies, and allowing the connectivity of our Armed Forces both when deployed in our national territory and on international missions.

At present, the satellites used for this task are in the last phase of their useful life, which is why the Defense Staff has required the renewal of this capacity.

The necessary financing allowing the HISDESAT company to make the necessary investment in the new satellite system and in its ground control center will be made through a loan from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of 750 million euros.


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