Russia Inks Numerous Contracts to Supply its Military
(Source: Forecast International; issued Aug 22, 2018)
MOSCOW --- The Russian Ministry of Defense has signed a number of contracts with Russian defense firms alongside the Army 2018 military exhibition.

As Army 2018 gets underway, the Russian Ministry of Defense has finalized several deals with local firms in order to supply the military with new and modernized equipment. According to Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko, the Ministry of Defense signed on Wednesday as many as 32 contracts with 20 firms. The contracts together are worth over 130 billion rubles ($1.9 billion).

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) announed on August 22, 2018, that it had finalized an order for two Su-57s for the Russian Air Force, as well as an undisclosed number of MiG-35s. Presumably, six of the latter were ordered.

The Su-57s are to be delivered in 2020, according to TASS Russian News Agency. These will be part of the first Su-57 squadron, which Russia aims to fill with 12 aircraft. Further plans for acquisition of the fifth-generation aircraft are unknown, though UAC head Yuri Slyusar said this week that the Su-57 could become the basis for a 'family' of aircraft, similar to the Su-27 family of jets.

The Russian Army will receive new tanks and infantry fighting vehicles under an agreement between the Ministry of Defense and UralVagonZavod. Deputy Defense Minister Krivoruchko said on August 22, 2018, "Today, a contract has been signed for 132 T-14 and T-15 vehicles. We will get the first nine this year." According to TASS, all of the vehicles will be provided by 2021.

He did not offer a breakdown of how many of each type of system have been ordered. The T-14 is a main battle tank, while the T-15 is an infantry fighting vehicle. Both are based on the modular 'Armata' chassis.

Additionally, the Russian Navy will receive six small missile boats of the Project 22800 'Karakurt' class under contracts inked this week. The six vessels will be produced in two separate shipyards in eastern Russia and, once completed, will join the Pacific Fleet. The current schedule calls for all of the vessels to be completed and in service by 2026. Alexander Shlyakhtenko of the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau noted earlier in August that new vessels under this project will come equipped with the Pantsir-M air-defense system.


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