Russia Developing Weapons Based On New Physical Principles for Troops’ Air Defense
(Source: TASS; published August 25, 2018)
KUBINKA, Russia --- Russian battlefield air defense troops will get weapons based on new physical principles and this work is already underway, Air Defense Force Chief Lieutenant-General Alexander Leonov said at the Army-2018 international military and technical forum on Saturday.

"The research involves creating systems based on various physical principles. These are the methods of active and passive location, self-guidance and laser guidance. Work is underway to develop weapons based on new physical principles," the general said.

The Smolensk Air Defense Academy has developed large potential in science and presented seven research works in the sphere of radio-location and electrodynamics at the Army-2018 forum, the general said.

"All this makes it possible to create mockups of weapon systems that will be subsequently used and that lay large groundwork in developing training means. Time will come and all these systems will be unveiled," he said.

Already by the end of the 1990s, the Russian battlefield air defense system "outpaced similar Western systems by about ten years by its quality," the general stressed.

"No county has such a full set of long-, medium-, short-range and close-in air defense weapons. This system allows creating universal multilayered air defense over the battlefield," the general said.

New physical principles are a notional term used to underline that the weapon’s destructive factors are based on processes and phenomena that were not earlier applied for military purposes. The weapons based on these principles include laser and microwave guns, sonic weapons, electromagnetic bombs and others.


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