Aerospace Forces Test New ABM
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defense; issued Aug. 30, 2018)
A screen grab from a Russian MoD video showing preparations for the test-firing of a new Anti-Ballistic Missile interceptor in Kazakhstan.
The ASF Air Defence and Missile Defence Forces’ combat team successfully tested a new anti-ballistic missile at the Sary-Shagan test ground (the Republic of Kazakhstan).

The deputy commander of the Aerospace Force’s AD and MD Army Colonel Andrey Prikhodko stated that after a series of tests the new ABM system has proved its reliability, and successfully accomplished the task, having engaged a simulated target.

Being in service with the Aerospace Forces, the Anti-Missile Defence system is designed to repel aerospace weapons attacks, as well as to warn of missile attacks and control outer space.

Click here for the full video, on the Russian MoD website.


Russia Successfully Tests New Interceptor Missile
(Source: TASS; published August 30, 2018)
MOSCOW --- The Russian military has successfully conducted a test launch of a new interceptor missile for Russia’s missile defense system, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service said on Thursday.

"At the test site of Sary-Shagan (Republic of Kazakhstan), a unit of the Air and Missile Defense of the Aerospace Forces has conducted another test launch of a new missile interceptor for Russia’s missile defense system," the ministry said in a statement, obtained by TASS.

"After a series of trials, it was confirmed that the interceptor missile’s specifications correspond to its design parameters; it successfully performed its task and hit the simulated target with the specified precision," Deputy Commander of the Air and Missile Defense of the Aerospace Forces Andrey Prikhodko was quoted as saying in the statement.

The Defense Ministry previously reported about successful trials of Russia’s new antimissile in February, April and July.

Prikhodko earlier said that its operational capabilities, including the range, accuracy and service life, "considerably surpass those of weapons operational today." The Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper of Russia’s Defense Ministry wrote that all elements of the new interceptor missile are made in Russia, and its serial production is expected to begin in the near future.


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