Tracking Advanced ASW R&D is as Tricky as Finding a Submarine
(Source: Forecast International; issued Sept 13, 2018)
NEWTOWN, Conn. -- The U.S. Navy's Surface Anti-Submarine Warfare Advanced Development program demonstrates and validates technology for potential surface sonar and combat systems.

The program forecast to suffer a dramatic decrease in funding, with allocations falling to barely a little more than $1 million annually the next ten years. What little yearly funding that remains seems barely adequate for a full performance review.

Still, there is always a chance additional funding will be made available by way of congressional add-on, which has been a fixture of this effort for a number of years.

However, under current plans, this once-substantial program appears over. Any new technological breakthroughs that may have resulted in the hunting of the "Silent Service" will be part of the classified black budget.


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