Lockheed Martin to Upgrade Greek F-16 Fighter Jets (excerpt)
(Source: Greek City Times; posted Sept 13, 2018)
Lockheed Martin announced that it will launch the upgrade of 85 Greek F-16 fighter jets with the Block 70/72 Viper system next Monday.

Making the announcement today during a press conference in Thessaloniki was Lockheed Martin’s VP Business Development Initiatives in Europe Dennys Plessas, who explained the timetable of the upgrade and said that “a great part of the upgrade will take place in Greece.”

The first two years will be spent on engineering for the prototype and the registration of the systems. The installation on Greek fighter jets will take place during the third year of the program, and the Hellenic Airforce pilots will be trained in the fourth year. The training is anticipated to be brief, as he said, because of the expertise of Greek fighter pilots. (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the Greek City Times website.


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