Сrew of New Anti-Sabotage Boat Formed in Kamchatka
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Oct 08, 2018)
The Kamchatka harbour defence formation of the Troops and Forces in North-Eastern Russia completed manning the Project 21980 new anti-sabotage boat Grachonok.

The Grachonok is a multipurpose boat, which is directly related to her speed capabilities and high manoeuvrability. The main purpose of the boat is to counter the enemy’s sabotage forces and means, support actions of military diving specialists in the stationing site’s sea zone and in the adjacent areas.

A new boat is equipped with the modern electronic equipment and latest diving complex, which allow the crew to quickly and accurately detect underwater objects and carefully examine them.

The anti-sabotage boat Grachonok has the following main performance characteristics: displacement – 138 tons, length – 31 metres, breadth – 9.5 metres. The full speed of the boat is 23 knots, cruising range – up to 200 nautical miles, endurance – 5 days, crew – 8 men.

This boat will be the third in succession within this project to be commissioned by the Kamchatka harbour defence formation.


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