The Foundation of Fort Trump is an Investment in Our Security
(Source: Poland Ministry of Defence; issued Oct 30, 2018)
We talked about the Fort Trump project - about the US base in Poland. We want the US military stationed in Poland to ensure the security of Poland and the entire eastern flank of NATO - said Mariusz Błaszczak, Defense Minister after meeting with John Bolton, adviser to President Donald Trump on national security.

On Monday, the head of the National Defense Ministry conducted further talks in Washington on the possible location of the US military base in Poland.

As the head of the National Defense Ministry noted, currently the details of the Fort Trump project are discussed in a working group consisting of Polish and American experts. - In March 2019, the Pentagon will present its assessment to Congress. We are striving for this assessment to be good for both sides. I am working to ensure that this project of the presence of US troops in Poland becomes a fact. This is an investment in our security - the minister stressed.

- Where there are US military bases in the world, host countries participate in the operating costs of these bases. We are realists and we believe that investing in infrastructure that will serve US troops, Polish troops, but also economic development is a great solution - said Minister Blaszczak.

The minister reminded that on the one hand Poland is seeking support and closer cooperation with the US, but at the same time it is developing its competences and defensive capabilities.

The head of the Ministry of Defense confirmed that the next round of talks will take place on November 13 - 14. - I will talk with senators and secretary of defense J. Mattis on the subject of preparations for the implementation of the project - he stressed.


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