U.S. Navy Officer Could Face Questions In Norwegian Frigate Collision (excerpt)
(Source: Washington Post; published Nov 17, 2018)
By Paul Sonne and Dan Lamothe
The Norwegian navy frigate KNM Helge Ingstad collided with an oil tanker on Nov. 8 and sank five days later despite attempts to keep her afloat. (Forsvaret photo)
The U.S. Navy expects one of its officers to be questioned as part of an investigation into the collision of a Norwegian warship and a commercial oil tanker this month in one of the Scandinavian nation’s fjords.

The American officer, who has not been identified, was onboard the Norwegian navy frigate as part of a military personnel exchange, according to U.S. and Norwegian officials. The sailor’s role on the ship remains unclear.

The Nov. 8 incident ultimately sank the 439-foot Norwegian warship and left several people injured.

Norwegian naval officers beached the vessel — the KNM Helge Ingstad — in an attempt to save it, but the frigate sank five days later after the cables holding it in place snapped. The tanker it struck, the Sola TS, was nearly twice its size at 820 feet. It suffered only minor damage. (end of excerpt)

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