Russian Defence Ministry Issues Unique Footage of Su-57 5th-Generation Air Complexes In Action In Syria
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 19, 2018)
The Russian Ministry of Defence has released video footage of its Sukhoi Su-57 fighters deployed to Syria for combat trials, during which they flew over 10 combat sorties to test various operational capabilities. (UAC file photo)
The Russian Defence Ministry has issued unique footage of the Su-57 5-generation air complex in action in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The sorties were carried out in order to prove announced possibilities of the newest aircraft in real combat environment.

During the flights pilots checked aircraft performances, smart data management system, operation of on-board systems, including armament at high temperatures, complicated underlying surface and other factors.

Su-57 crews made over 10 sorties in Syria.

Su-57 is the Russian advanced air complex of the fifth generation designed for elimination of all types of air, ground and maritime targets. Its high maneuverability, supersonic capabilities as well as modern on-board systems and stealth capability provides high efficiency and air superiority.


Russia's 5th-Generation Fighter Jets Make 10 Flights In Syria
(Source: TASS; posted Nov 19, 2018)
MOSCOW --- Russian Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets made 10 flights in the skies over Syria to confirm their performance characteristics, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Monday.

The Russian Defense Ministry posted a video of the fighters’ flights on Twitter.

"The crews of Su-57 planes performed over 10 flights in Syria," the Defense Ministry said. "The flights were performed to confirm the stated capabilities of the newest plane in a real combat environment."

Russia tested the Su-57’s flight and technical characteristics, its intellectual information control technology, onboard systems and armament amid high temperatures, complex relief and other factors in Syria, the Defense Ministry said.

The Su-57 is a fifth-generation multirole fighter designed to destroy all types of air targets at long and short distances and hit enemy ground and naval targets, overcoming its air defense capabilities.

The Su-57 took to the skies for the first time on January 29, 2010. Compared to its predecessors, the Su-57 combines the functions of an attack plane and a fighter jet while the use of composite materials and innovation technologies and the fighter’s aerodynamic configuration ensure the low level of radar and infrared signature.


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