Reconnaissance Drones Will Go to the Polish Army
(Source: Polish Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 03, 2018)
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The delivery of 8 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of the short-range tactical class of ORLIK anticipates the agreement signed on November 30, 2018 between the Armament Inspectorate and the consortium of Polish Armaments Group companies.

Under this agreement, 40 drones will be delivered to the Army.

Short-Range Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of the Orlik-class are platforms designed to conduct reconnaissance operations through the use of optoelectronic heads and SAR radiolocation stations for the needs of Land Forces, Special Forces and Navy.

It is used for long-term imaging in a large area, in various terrain, climatic conditions, day and night.

A consortium consisting of PGZ SA, WZL No. 2 and PIT-RADWAR offered Polish Armed Forces designed from scratch and produced in Poland the PGZ-19R system.

The contract value is PLN 789.7 million; the contract includes the option to purchase additional 4 sets.

The signing of the contract is the result of the decision to build the competence in the design and production of unmanned aerial vehicles by PGZ in 2016. At that time, the Competence Center of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Systems at Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze no. 2 SA in Bydgoszcz was established. The Center is working on innovative BSP systems at the level of the PGZ Capital Group.

Each BSP system consists of 11 elements forming the set:
-- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (BSP): 5 items,
-- Mobile Launch Launcher,
-- Logistic car,
-- Ground Control Station,
-- Terrestrial Data Terminal,
-- High-speed Video Terminal,
-- Portable Video Terminal.


Drones for the Territorial Defense Forces
(Source: Polish Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 03, 2018)
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Three sets of Fly Eye Unmanned Aerial Vehicles will go to the Territorial Defense Forces.

On December 3, the Armament Inspectorate signed a contract for the supply of equipment with WB Electronics SA

The contract concerns the delivery of three sets of modernized Fly Eye Unmanned Aerial Vehicles together with a training package. Each set includes four air platforms. In total, 12 new unmanned aerial vehicles will go to the WOT territorial defense forces.

The contract value is over PLN 10 million gross, and delivery dates are scheduled for this year.

The contract includes the option to purchase a further nine sets.

Miniature Fly Eye Unmanned Aerial Systems are already equipped with other types of Polish Armed Forces, but these platforms are the third generation of this type of BSP, and have been equipped with a new optoelectronic head and power system (batteries). The transceiver station, control and steering station (SKiK) as well as backpacks and boxes, have also been modernized.

Fly Eye Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are used, among other missions, to carry out reconnaissance tasks.


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