Announcement of the French Embassy in Poland
(Source: French Embassy in Poland; issued Dec 7, 2018)
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The French Embassy in Poland officially denies the information published on 3 December 2018 by the Polityka Insight portal that France withdrew its support for Naval Group's offer submitted under the Orka program for the purchase of submarines.

There is no change in the position of the French state regarding the support for Naval Group and MBDA as part of the offer proposed to Poland, which combines the integration of NCM naval cruise missiles with submarines Scorpene on an exclusive basis.

The Orka program is recognized by France as an important step in deepening cooperation between the armed forces of our countries, which may constitute the opening of a new phase of strategic relations between France and Poland.

Therefore, the Polish Ministry of National Defense has been offered an ambitious partnership, covering technological, operational and industrial aspects, enabling the building of long-standing combat capabilities, which is of key importance for Poland to ensure its fully sovereign defense.

There is an intense and constant high-level dialogue between the Polish and French defense departments regarding both this program and many other topics, as evidenced by the last meeting of our armaments committee, which took place on December 5 in Warsaw.

However, the visit of the French FREMM frigate in Gdynia, planned as part of the trial voyage of the ship before its entry into the operational service, was postponed to a later date only for technical reasons.


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