PGZ Expands Its Competencies In Aviation Segment
(Source: PGZ; issued March 04, 2019)
On 27 February 2019, the representatives of PGZ’s WSK „PZL-Kalisz” S.A. and Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów S.A. reached an understanding on the remaining key matters that are to lead to the conclusion of a preliminary agreement on the sale of Aircraft Engine Plant in Rzeszów.

This understanding is the result of talks that had lasted for many months. The factory acquired by Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa produces, among other things, engines and transmissions installed in the Mi-2 and Mi-2 helicopters and M28 Bryza airplanes used by the Polish Armed Forces. The finalisation of this transaction will mean that the Treasury will regain control over some of the assets of the Polish aviation factories privatised in 2002.

“The acquisition of the Aircraft Engine Plant is very important for us for strategic and business reasons. We maintain capacities for modernisation and servicing of the aircraft used by our Armed Forces here, in Poland. At the same we reinforce the capabilities of PGZ’s aviation domain and we create a source of continuous revenues for up to 20 years,” said Michał Kuczmierowski, member of the board of PGZ S.A.

Bogdan Karczmarz, the president of the board of WSK „PZL-Kalisz” S.A., the direct buyer of the factory in Rzeszów, stress that this transaction would allow the company to boost its sales of maintenance services to foreign markets and expand the competencies of the facilities in Kalisz, thus reinforcing the synergies between both factories.

“I am very glad that we made yet another step forward. The Aircraft Engine Plant in Rzeszów is z key business partner for the Polish Armed Forces and its sale by PW Rzeszów is related to the implementation of our Company’s strategy of focusing on products with global reach,” said Marek Darecki, president of the board of Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów S.A.

Poland’s acquisition of the facility in Rzeszów will significantly boost the market share and the operating capabilities of PGZ Capital Group’s aviation companies (WSK „PZL-Kalisz”, WZL-1 in Łódź, WZL-2 in Bydgoszcz, and WZL-4 in Warsaw). It will also allow PGZ to acquire capacity to secure the manufacturing needs of the Polish Armed Forces with respect to spare parts and maintenance of the aircraft that is in use now and will be used in the future.

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) is a leader of the Polish industry and one of the largest defence corporations in Europe. It comprises 63 companies and holds shares in 40 more (industries: defence, shipyard, new technologies), with annual revenues at the level of 5 billion zlotys. By utilising the potential of Polonisation of technology, close co-operation with Polish scientists, and stressing the research and development process, PGZ offers innovative products that improve security.

WSK “PZL-Kalisz” S.A. is a company that belongs to the PGZ Capital Group. It manufactures aircraft piston engines and it is a sub-supplier of components for the factory in Rzeszów that is subject to acquisition. It also produces parts for other devices manufactured for export, and it co-operates with key, global entities in the aviation industry.


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