Huneed Opens 3D-Printing Research Center for Aerospace Parts
(Source: The Korea Times; issued March 07, 2019)
South Korean defense firm Huneed Technologies has opened a research center to develop methods of using 3D-printing technologies for aerospace parts production.

The opening ceremony for the Additive Manufacturing Technology Center, which was built in partnership with German company Electro Optical Systems, was held, Tuesday, at Huneed headquarters in Incheon.

Attendees included Huneed Chairman Eugene Kim, EOS Chief Customer Operations Officer Bertrand Humel van der Lee and officials from Boeing and Korea Aerospace Industries.

The center focuses on researching and developing cutting-edge 3D printing technologies for the aerospace and defense industry. It features a 3D printer equipped with best-in-class quality assurance tools such as full Optical Tomography and powder management equipment named IPCM-M Pro.

The South Korean company has partnered with the German EOS to improve its position as an international manufacturer in the rapidly growing aerospace parts market.

"This cooperation with EOS is only the beginning," Huneed Chairman Kim said. "Our goal is to grow beyond manufacturing, into a company that possesses and continuously deploys industry 4.0 technologies."

The manufacturer is supplying parts to global aerospace firms such as Boeing and Airbus.

An EOS official said Huneed's experience and reputation as a trusted global supplier to these companies builds confidence in their capabilities.

"They are an ideal partner in the mission to expand additive manufacturing technology in the global aviation market," the official said.


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