Expenditure Ceiling Lifted for Acquisition of New Training Aircraft
(Source: Spanish Government; issued April 12, 2019)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
MADRID --- The Council of Ministers has agreed to increase the ceiling established in the General Budgetary Law 47/2003 for the acquisition in future years of a new training aircraft for the General Air Academy.

The Ministry of Defense intends to undertake the replacement of the current training and teaching material in the Air Force. It estimates the need for 225 million euros for this program.

The Air Force has determined that the date on which the current C101 aircraft will not be able to continue providing basic training for students after September 2021, so a new system with the technological capabilities that guarantee adequate training for student pilots must be available from that date.

The modernization of flight curriculum will allow the adaptation of the training to the technologies used in modern operational aircraft, both existing and future ones, thereby satisfying higher and more specific training requirements of an Integrated System of Teaching 'Integrated Training System' (ITS), more efficient and better oriented to the use of technologies than the current one.

The current state of the different phases of military aeronautical education presents a withdrawal of service from the different systems, gradual and staggered between 2021 and 2027.

The chosen system allows the reduction of flight hours in the operational conversion units for front-line fighter aircraft.

The Airplane Coach Program intends to undertake the replacement of the current material to cover the teaching needs of the Air Force in the elementary training phase.

The estimate of the amount of funds needed for this program is 225,000,000 euros, with 75 million euros each year in 2020-2022.


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