New Surveillance Vessel Launched
(Source: Swedish Defense Matériel Agency, FMV; issued April 17, 2019)
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Designed by Saab Kockums and built in Poland, the Swedish Navy’s new spy ship will shortly sail to Karlskrona, in Sweden, for fitting out and sea trials, in preparation for its delivery in 2020. (Saab photo)
Today, the new survey for FMV was launched by Saab Kockums AB. The vessel will replace [the Swedish Navy’s] HMS Orion in 2020. The vessel, whose mission is signal interception and sea surveillance in the Baltic Sea, is being built by Saab Kockums on behalf of FMV.

The Director General of the Swedish Parliament, Göran Mårtenson, who gave a speech at the launch, emphasized the cooperation and the commitment of all involved parties as an important prerequisite for the project to achieve this important delivery to the Swedish defense.

"It is a long-awaited ship that we will deliver to the Swedish Navy in 2020. Her predecessor has been operating for 35 years, and the need is great for a new survey vessel," said Göran Mårtensson.

The new survey vessel is being built by Saab Kockum's subcontractor Nauta Shipyard, in Gdynia Poland, which is part of the Polish state defense group PGZ (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa).

After the ship's technical systems have been installed, the vessel will be delivered to Saab Kockums in Karlskrona for installation and commissioning of equipment for signal surveillance.

“In comparison with HMS Orion, which was launched in 1984, her replacement provides a great technical advance and, in addition, improved working and living environment on board, along with increased operational reliability and improved electro-magnetic properties, i.e. how the equipment in the vessel affects other surrounding electronic equipment and how sensitive the equipment is to external electronic interference,” says FMV's project manager Peter Andersson.

Facts about the new survey vessel

The vessel, which is 74 meters long and 14 meters wide, is being built, launched and tested by Saab's Kockum's subcontractor Nauta Shipyards at the Polish shipyard Stocznia Wojenna in Gdynia.

Saab Kockums will complete the work on the new vessel by installing signal voltage equipment and management systems in Karlskrona. FMV will deliver the finished vessels to the Swedish Armed Forces in 2020, after all tests have been completed.


New Swedish SIGINT Ship Launched in Gdynia
(Source: Saab; issued April 17, 2019)
Nauta Shiprepair Yard has completed the next milestone in the construction of the Swedish SIGINT ship for the Royal Swedish Navy. Outfitting and equipment installation will take place in Nauta Shiprepair Yard, after which the vessel will undergo harbour and sea trials. The ship will then sail to Saab’s shipyard in Karlskrona to complete outfitting of special systems.

The launching ceremony took place in PGZ Stocznia Wojenna in Gdynia on April 17 and was attended by representatives of the Polish government, the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) and Saab, as well as representatives of the Royal Swedish Navy, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA), the Embassy of Sweden and invited guests.

The first steel cutting took place in March 2018 followed by the keel-laying only three months later. The new ship is 74 metres long with displacement of 2,200 tonnes.

“We are delighted to achieve a significant milestone within the contract for the construction of a signals intelligence ship, which will serve the Royal Swedish Navy”, said Gunnar Wieslander, Senior Vice President, Head of Saab Business Area Kockums.

“The launch of the signal intelligence ship is a significant event in the construction process. The vessel is a showcase of the high quality and technical capabilities of the shipyard and our partners”, said Adam Potrykus, acting President of the Board of Nauta Shiprepair Yard S.A.

Saab was awarded the contract to design and build the SIGINT ship, which will replace the Swedish Navy’s existing HMS Orion, by the Swedish Material Defence Administration (FMV) in 2017. Subsequently Saab selected Nauta Shiprepair Yard, part of PGZ Group, to construct, launch and perform the sea trials of the ship.

The cooperation in ship construction between Saab and Nauta Shiprepair Yard is
a direct result of the agreement, signed in late 2016, to establish a close partnership between Saab and PGZ in the planning and delivery of naval programmes.

The Swedish Rear Admiral, Jens Nykvist, earlier today announced that the new SIGINT ship will be given the name HMS Artemis.

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