Airbus to Look at Buying Bombardier Belfast Plant (excerpt)
(Source: The Guardian; published May 16, 2019)
By Jasper Jolly
Airbus is considering buying Bombardier’s Belfast wing production operation, after the Canadian firm said it was looking to offload the struggling plant.

Guillaume Faury, who started as Airbus chief executive in April, said taking over the Belfast plant was an option, although he stressed there were “many alternatives” to a bid and that the assessment was at a very early stage.

“We’ll be looking at it,” Faury said during a visit to London. “We will make sure that whatever happens preserves our interest.”

Airbus is the major customer of the Belfast operation, which makes wings for the aerospace group’s A220. The Toulouse-based company acquired a majority stake in the A220, previously known as the C series, in 2017. The plant also manufactures engine covers for Airbus’s A320neo plane. (end of excerpt)

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