Third Gripen E Aircraft in the Air
(Source: Swedish Forces Materiel Agency; FMV; issued June 11, 2019)
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Sweden’s defense matériel agency, FMV, has announced that the third Gripen-E test aircraft has made its first flight yesterday, but so far no announcement from Saab on the subject. (Saab photo via FMV)
LINKOPING, Sweden --- The development of JAS 39 E Gripen continues. Saab's test pilot Jakob Högberg yesterday launched the third Gripen E-aircraft, 39-10, in the air. The flight confirmed that the aircraft behaved in the same way as the two previous Gripen E aircraft.

During the first flight with the third Gripen E-plane, all ground systems in the aircraft were tested.

"An initial flight is always a first flight, but it was perhaps not a very eventful one, as the aircraft flew just like its siblings, which is of course excellent," said Jakob Högberg.

The next two flight passes will include an already cleared envelope, that is, the flight will not take place to all end positions regarding height and speed. It comes at a later stage.

“After three passes, the aircraft will be evaluated to ensure that everything works according to models and expectations. Thereafter, mainly testing of tactical systems awaits 39-10,” says Ken Lindberg, responsible for the joint testing of JAS 39 Gripen E at FMV Gripen.


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