Sea Trials with AMF Weapon Station
(Source: Swedish Forces Materiel Agency; FMV; issued June 12, 2019)
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Recently, FMV carried out sea trials of the AMF weapons station, which is a remote-controlled weapon and sighting system for the Combat Boat 90HSM and Guard Boat 88.

“This is about testing new-procurement equipment, which will ultimately be commissioned in the Amphibious Battalion,” says Patrik Almqvist, project manager at FMV.

The AMF weapon station equips the system with existing conventional weapons, such as machine gun 88, machine gun 58 and grenade launcher 92.

“The weapons station will then have sensors and fire control to provide significantly improved performance for these weapons. The system also improves the detection capability, including with the help of its IR camera,” says Patrik Almqvist.

During the test sorties, the system has been mounted on a prototype for the 90HSM combat boat.

Extensive trials

The completed lake trials, which are made by FMV in close cooperation with the Swedish Armed Forces and the industry, are the second of two trials campaigns.

“We test the system's safety, functionality and performance step by step, to verify that it meets the requirements. It has gone very well.”

The trials have been extensive, and included everything from simple trials at quay, to difficult maneuvers and trials with surface and air targets. The trials have been carried out in all possible weather and sea states to expose the product to real conditions of use as is practically possible.

“On a couple of occasions, we have actually noted that man is the boundary factor with regard to endurance, perception and more,” says Patrik Almqvist.


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