Framework Agreement for Grenatgevär 18
(Source: Swedish Forces Materiel Agency FMV; issued June 26, 2019)
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The head of Army Equipment at FMV, Mikael Frisell, on the right, signed the new framework agreement for Granatgevär 18 with Saab Dynamics, represented by CEO Görgen Johansson.

FMV has signed a ten-year framework agreement with Saab Dynamics for the acquisition of the new version of Granatgevär 18, also called Carl Gustaf, for the Swedish defense and at the same time placed an initial order of approximately 330 million SEK.

The Carl Gustav 8.4 cm recoilless rifle was launched in 1948, and over the years the Swedish-developed weapons has been sold to more than 40 countries. FMV is now signing a ten-year framework agreement that gives the opportunity to provide the Swedish Armed Forces with these weapons and accessories on an ongoing basis.

“This is the first step in a major upgrade of the recoilless rifle system in the Swedish defense. The framework agreement makes it possible to cover the entire need of the Armed Forces,” says Mikael Frisell, Head of Army Equipment at FMV.

Deliveries of the material from the first order under the framework agreement will take place in 2020 to 2023.

Estonia and Latvia, who were previously able to cancel ammunition for the recoilless rifle via a Swedish framework agreement, will now also be able to add the new version of the weapon to their own defense forces.

The latest version of the Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle has since become the first version to weigh less seven kilos. This means half the weight compared to the original weapon.

Weight loss has been achieved mainly through the use of more modern materials. Another important change is that the system is now more ergonomic and user-friendly than before.


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