Navy’s £3bn Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Springs Another Leak
(Source: The Times; published July 11 2019)
By Lucy Fisher
A leak on Britain’s £3.1 billion aircraft carrier has forced her to abandon sea trials.

HMS Queen Elizabeth suffered her third significant leak when a high-pressure seawater pipe burst on Tuesday morning, prompting an emergency response on board.

The Ministry of Defence said last night, however, that it “did not recognise” a report from Forces Network, a British military news website, claiming that more than 200 tonnes of water had leaked into the ship, putting three crew members at risk of drowning.

The leak caused flooding over several decks, buckling a stairwell, bending some bulkheads and splitting deck plates, according to the website, which said that mental health support had been offered to crew.

MoD insiders confirmed that several compartments had been flooded but declined to clarify the height reached by the water. “There will have been a decent amount of water. This wasn’t a bucket and mop job . . . But it was a fairly easy issue to deal with and it wouldn’t have threatened the ship,” a source said, adding that no personnel were harmed in the incident. (end of excerpt)

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HMS Queen Elizabeth: More Than 200 Tonnes of Water Leaks After Burst Pipe
(Source: British Forces Network; posted July 10, 2019)
HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain's biggest and most powerful warship ever built, has returned to Portsmouth early after a major leak on board.

A source has told Forces News that a high-pressure salt water pipe burst, letting more than 200 tonnes of water into the ship.

That caused flooding on several decks, which our source says put three people at risk of drowning.

All people on board the ship are safe, but a mental health support team has been stood up.

The high-pressure burst is understood to have buckled a stairwell, bent some bulkheads and split some deck-plates on the carrier.

HMS Queen Elizabeth left Portsmouth Naval Base last month to embark on five weeks of sea trials.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) says the aircraft carrier was due to return for planned maintenance later this week but returned earlier as a "precautionary measure".

All water from the leak was pumped out of the ship. (end of excerpt)

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