Show of Force
(Source: Royal Australian Navy; issued July 12, 2019)
In a demonstration of combat power, 17 warships from four nations united at first light to conduct a close-in formation at the opening stages of Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 2019.

Amphibious Assault Ship USS Wasp and Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan led the fleet with Australia’s Landing Helicopter Docks HMA Ships Adelaide and Canberra and Japan’s helicopter destroyer JS Ise formed up in close proximity.

Other warships from Canada, Japan, the United States and Australia, including the frigates HMA Ships Melbourne and Parramatta, escorted the show of force.

Deputy Commander of the Joint Task Force for TALISMAN SABRE 2019, Commodore Ivan Ingham, said this was the first time Adelaide and Canberra had operated together on TALISMAN SABRE and was further demonstration of the Royal Australian Navy's rapidly advancing and highly capable amphibious capabilities.

“Exercise TALISMAN SABRE is important for the Australian Navy because it shows we are a highly capable and professional fighting force, ready and able to conduct complex missions within an integrated joint force,” Commodore Ingham said.

The formation signaled the start of the maritime phase of TALISMAN SABRE, which culminates in a series of amphibious assaults, carrier group operations, and sea combat activities warfare off the north Queensland coast.

Commodore Ingham said TALISMAN SABRE was founded on a shared history of partnership between the US and Australia.

“These bonds of partnership allow us to operate in unison,” he said.

“TALISMAN SABRE promotes regional stability through cooperation integration and a collective desire for a stable and peaceful region.”

TALISMAN SABRE is the principal Australian and US military training activity focused on the planning and conduct of mid-intensity high-end warfighting.

It is the largest combined, joint military exercise undertaken by the Australian Defence Force, involving more than 34,000 participants, operating in the maritime, land and air environments.


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