Multinational MRTT Unit Inaugurated
(Source: NATO Support and Procurement Agency; issued July 16, 2019)
The Chairman of the MMF Executive Board (MEB), Navy Commodore Dick Kreiter, gave Command over the Multinational MRTT Unit to Colonel Jurgen van der Biezen, by handing him the MMF flag. Colonel van de Biezen is now the first MMU Commander.

The ceremony took place at Eindhoven airbase in The Netherlands, the future Main Operating Base for the MMF. Members of the MEB, the MMF support partnership committee, national representatives of the MMF nations, Airbus, OCCAR, EDA, NSPA and members of the MMU attended the ceremony.

The inauguration marks an important milestone in the MMF programme, where the MMU is now responsible for the preparations for the arrival of the first MRTT aircraft on 1 May 2020 in close cooperation with NSPA and OCCAR-EA.

Navy Commodore Kreiter stated: “The MMF is a success story that runs on time, within budget and scope. This is achieved by sticking to the philosophy of one lead-nation, one lead-industry and one configuration, but of course mainly due to the believe and perseverance of the excellent men and women involved in the programme”

The MMF encompasses eight Aircraft, of which five will be stationed in Eindhoven and three in Cologne, Germany. The programme is still open to interested partners, for which the contract holds the potential for three additional aircraft.


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