China to Release White Paper on National Defense in New Era
(Source: Global Times; issued July 23, 2019)
China is set to release on Wednesday its first white paper on national defense since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which is expected to be an important way for the outside world to get to know if China's national defense policy has changed and what the Chinese military's responsibility and duty are after the military reform.

The upcoming white paper China's National Defense in the New Era will be China's 10th national defense white paper. The latest China's Military Strategy was released in May 2015.

China has not released a white paper since the start of the latest military reform in November 2015, so the new white paper is expected to introduce the changes and achievements the Chinese military has made in the reform, Chinese analysts said.Previous white papers include content like China's national defense policy, national security situation, the modernization of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), and the duty and strategic mission of the PLA.

These contents will help the outside world understand the Chinese military's strategic intentions, and let related countries and regions know where the "red lines" are for the PLA facing certain questions.

Since China released its first national defense white paper in 1998, content in the white papers on the Chinese military has become more open and transparent and shows confidence, Chinese experts say.

In the most recent military reform, the seven military commands were replaced by five theater commands and military branches also saw changes. These changes are bound to be reflected in the new white paper, making the release highly anticipated, they said.

The Information Office of the State Council will hold a press conference after the release.


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