Two More Stealth Fighter Jets Arrive without Fanfare (excerpt)
(Source: Chosun Ilbo; posted August 22, 2019)
By Yu Yong-weon
Two more F-35A stealth fighter jets were delivered from the U.S. to an air base in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province on Wednesday. The stealth fighter deliveries have incensed North Korea and are therefore being kept quiet.

Earlier, two F-35A stealth fighters arrived on March 29 and July 15 each, so the Air Force now has a fleet of six.

Two more stealth fighter jets are on their way to Korea and another five are expected in November and December.

They will be deployed warfare-ready within this year, but for fear of irking the North, no date has been set for the kind of handover ceremony the military is usually fond of. (end of excerpt)

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