Contract for Installation and Commissioning of Nine Precision Approach Radars Concludes Between MoD and M/S Data Pattern (India) Pvt Ltd
(Source: Indian Ministry of Defence; issued Aug 26, 2019)
A contract for installation and commissioning of nine Precision Approach Radars (PARs) was concluded today between Ministry of Defence and M/s Data Pattern (India) Pvt Ltd at a cost of Rs 380 crores under ‘Buy Indian’ category.

The state-of-the-art radars incorporating latest Phased Array technology will be installed at Indian Naval Air Stations and Indian Air Force Stations.

The installation of these radars will enhance the Flight Safety at the terminal stages of aircraft landing at the airfields.

The installation and commissioning of radars at Indian Naval Air Stations is envisaged to be completed by April 2022 and at Indian Air Force Stations by December 2022.


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